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Accelerate your development by months with pre-built authentication and payments system.

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Implement member authentication rapidly with EasyAuth

Custom login forms with inbuilt templates
Integrations with industry-leading CRMs
Works on any CMS with 2 lines of code
Custom login forms with inbuilt templates

With EasyAuth, you can create your own login/signup forms in Webflow, Wordpress, etc and customize the look and feel to match your brand's identity!

Integrations with industry-leading CRMs

Take your data with you wherever you go, we connect with industry leading CRMs like Mailchimp, Hubspot, etc. With our powerful API you can connect your own CRM or Analytics tool with EasyAuth.

Works on any CMS with 2 lines of code

That's all it takes - 2 lines of code & verifying your domain to get you started with authenticating users on your website.

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We're connected with a suite
of features.

Secure & Fast

We use military-grade encryption to keep your data safe and conduct monthly security checks.

Startup Friendly

Accelerate your development workflow by 2 months. Reduce TTM and focus on your product.

Control your data

Add, Edit or Delete your member information from EasyAuth's dashboard or API.

Free 14 Day Trial

Get a no restriction 14-day free trial to test EasyAuth at your own pace.

Transactional emails

Connect Sendgrid or Zapier to setup Signup notifications, password resets, and more.

Invite your team

Add team members to manage your users on EasyAuth's dashboard. (coming soon)

2000+ Apps Integration

With Zapier integration you can connect 2000+ apps to automate your user workflow. (coming soon)


Analyse user signup rate, return rate, and more with charts and tables right in your dashboard.


Sell your products and services from Day 1.

Stripe ready

Subscription upgrade/downgrade

Custom checkout modals

No additional setup required

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